Used to organize your content in the page. Think about it as powerpoint presentation slides, but sections for a web page. Section organize anything inside it. You can add many rows inside the section, and define any layout.

Define your layout by adding rows and columns into the section

Add columns and rows to the section. You can add columns to every row as well. After you define your layout, you can add anything inside the columns.

Section Pre-defined Layouts

Not Just Layout Options, but tons of settings and features

In every section you can control the height, layout, add background, move the section to the top of the page and much more.

Settings Tab

Background Tab

Section Examples and Demos

Example 1

Example 2: Split Screen

In this example, the section has two columns and its full width.

Example 3: Big Call To Action

Example 4: Combination

Section Options Documentation

Understanding Layouts

Layouts are settings in section, row, column and background ShortPoints. They are responsible for the spaces between content and the container.

Section Layout: Full

Section Layout: Standard

Section Layout: Full Height

Section Layout: Full Width

Content Alignments

By default, the section will position the content on the top left. You can change this using horizontal and vertical alignment options

Default Alignment

Default Alignment + Section Height 30%

Horizontal Alignment: Center

Horizontal Alignment: Right

Horizontal Alignment: Center + Vertical Alignment: Middle + Section Height: 30%

Horizontal Alignment: Right + Vertical Alignment: Bottom + Section Height: 30%

Section Height
By default the section height will be based on its content height. You can change this by setting a height to the section.

Auto Height

The height of the section will be based on the content height by default

Half Screen Height

The height of the section will be 50% of any screen height.

Full Screen Height

The height of the section will be 100% of the height of any screen

Custom Height

You can set a height in any value you want