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Row with 3 columns

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Row Examples

Example 1: Fullwidth Row

Example 2: Equal Columns

Example 3: Different Content

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Default View

Row with 2 columns

Row with 4 columns

Row with 6 columns

Columns Layout

Layouts are settings in section, row, column and background ShortPoints. They are responsible for the spaces between content and the container.



Full Height

Full Width

Content Alignment

By default, the Row will position the content on the top left. You can change this using horizontal and vertical alignment options

Default Alignment

Default Alignment + Row Height 250px

Horizontal Alignment: Center

Horizontal Alignment: Center + Vertical Alignment: Middle + Row Height: 250px

Horizontal Alignment: Right + Vertical Alignment: Bottom + Row Height: 30%

Different Columns Content Alignments

Row Height

By default the Row height will be based on its content height. You can change this by setting a height to the section.


The height of the Row will be based on the content height by default

1/3 Screen Height

The height of the Row will be 1/3 of any screen height.

Full Screen Height

The height of the Row will be 100% of the height of any screen

Custom Height

You can set a height in any value you want