Step 1: Copy Footer

Go to this . Allow to copy single shortpoints and copy footer you like. If you want to create your own footer just skip this step.


STEP 2: Open Shortpoint generator

For the SharePoint 2013 and 2016 go to the "Site Settings" - "ShortPoint Dashboard" - "ShortPoint Generator"

For the Office 365 go to the "Site Content" - then click on "ShortPoint" - "ShortPoint Generator"

STEP 3: paste the footer in shortpoint generator

In ShortPoint Generator give the name for your element, and be sure to select the type: "Footer". After this you can paste your footer in the content area below. Or you can build your own footer right here. Do not forget save your changes.

STEP 4: open shortpoint theme builder

Now you need to customize your site. Select the "Site Customization" and then click on the "Customize my site" button.


STEP 5: select the footer in the THEME BUILDER

In the Theme Builder navigation select menu item called: "Footer", and go to the "General Layout". You can select here your footer that was done by you in ShortPoint Generator.

STEP 6: Remove default settings

We have default settings for the background and paddings in case you create your footer on transparent background. We already have background color in our footer, so lets remove this options.

STEP 7: change some settings

Now lets try to add the line before your footer. Also you can change other things like paddings and margins.

STEP 8: Publish your site

When you finish, click Publish button. Thats it! Your awesome footer now is on every page of your site! Forget about adding your footer to every page manually:)


STEP 9: Preview and edit footer in shortpoint generator

Now if you want to do some changes in your footer go to the ShortPoint Dashboard and open Generator. You can preview your footer and edit as well. Just click on the "Edit" button and do whatever you want. For example I want the first column to be the last. After you save all changes - your footer will automatically update on every page. Enjoy!)